· Who we are.

We are Photographers, Videographers and Fine Art Print makers. We have been shooting our own projects for over 15 years, and for the last 5 years we have been making  Fine Art Prints on our own inkjet printer. Our personal photographic works have been shown internationally, with a recent show in Northern Italy during the annual "white truffle festival" in Alba. See: www.visionsfromlamorra.com

· Current technologies and toys.

We shoot with Nikon D700, Canon 5D MkII, Canon 7D and RED Scarlet cameras, (both stills and high definition video with the Canon and RED cameras), using an assortment of Nikon and Zeiss lenses. So, we have a good idea what is involved in creating that special image. However, once that image is created, it has to be seen. When your computer monitor just isn’t enough, or when you want that special image to be enjoyed and appreciated by others as a Work of Fine Art, then we can help you realize your vision. We specialize in Giclee Canvas and Paper Reproductions of Fine Art for Photographers, Videographers, Digital Fine Artists and Painters. If your vision can be digitally imaged, we can help you reproduce it as Fine Art.

Presently, we offer Fine Art reproduction work created on Canon’s new IPF 8300 Fine Art Inkjet Printer using their vivid and long-lasting Lucia archival inks. Maximum print lengths can be 44” wide and 100 feet long! All images are viewed on a 26" NEC MultiSync 2690WUXi2 professional graphics grade monitor. It is a wide gamut LCD monitor capable of producing 97.8% of the Adobe RGB color space and it is calibrated weekly.

To assist us, we have extensive image editing software and plug-ins from such companies as Adobe, Topaz, NIK, OnOne, Genuine Fractals, Noise Ninja, Portrait Professional, Color Munki, RED, Davinci Resolve and others.

· Canvas and Papers.

We use Giclee Canvas and Paper that are both produced by Breathing Color. For our Canvas Giclee Prints, we exclusively use Breathing Color “Lyve™ Canvas.” It features an eye-popping color range, archival certification, and the ability to capture every nuance in your image. For our Fine Art Paper Giclee Prints, we exclusively use Breathing Color “Optica One.” It is a 300 gsm, bright white Fine Art Paper that is made from 100% cotton rag and it also has an archival certification. For our Photo Prints we exclusively use LexJet “Sunset Photo Metallic Paper.” It has a distinctive metallic, high-gloss surface that produces a sharp, vibrant, rich-looking image, with enhanced dynamic range. We use custom ICC Profiles for all of our Papers and our Canvas. (If you are interested in Limited Editions of your image and you prefer a unique or custom Paper, we can also assist you and provide a custom profile for your specific Paper).