You can send us your image file by using our IMAGE UPLOAD FEATURE. Up to five (5) image files can be sent to us at one time. However, please limit each image file to no more than 200MB. If your image file exceeds 200MB, please send us your image on CD or DVD to our mailing address. In order to upload your image file, all you have to do is enter your e-mail address, navigate to where the image file is located on your hard-drive, and then click "upload." There is also a space where you can list your special instructions or comments, such as whether you want a border around your print and the width of the border. The file formats that we accept are 8 bit .Tiff, .JPG and .PSD files. If you have a questions about your file format either e-mail us at or put the question in the comment space in the upload form. All files are transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption.